Notes and Updates from Singer Baker Lane Estate

  • Here’s a Thought

    Here’s a Thought

    Actually, it’s more appropriate to call it a thought experiment. It explores the notion of a pro-active initiative against the tragically bifurcated character of the American body politic. Its quest would be to create a progressive counter weight to the culture (and public policy) war being waged by the political right. It would be rooted…

  • The Harvest Numbers Through a Number of Harvests

    The Harvest Numbers Through a Number of Harvests

    I’ve always had an affinity for numbers, or to be more precise, arithmetic. I enjoy algebra and geometry too, and both have been indispensable to my painting practice. At a crucial point in my studies, though, my interests led  me away from math and the sciences as a whole. I regret that (along with eschewing…

  • Notes from a European Sojourn

    Notes from a European Sojourn

    I’ve been fortunate to have moved around widely throughout my life. My travels began, as it did for many, with family car trips. An important early one (at age eight) entailed a departure from my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma and traversing the American southwest.  This experience alone did much to cement an enduring thrall with…